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本文摘要:The dumbest smart objects of 20162016年最不智能的9种智能产品In 2016, weve seen a whole lot of new gadgets join the Internet of Things (unfortunately, weve also seen them harnessed by hackers to bring downhuge swaths of the internet). From appliances


The dumbest smart objects of 20162016年最不智能的9种智能产品In 2016, weve seen a whole lot of new gadgets join the Internet of Things (unfortunately, weve also seen them harnessed by hackers to bring downhuge swaths of the internet). From appliances to clothing, companies really want to sell you the tech thatll make your life smarter, but sometimes it just makes it slower and dumber. Lets look back on some of the most ridiculous and useless internet-connected gadgets that were produced in the past 12 months.2016年,我们看见很多新的设备重新加入互联网(意外的是,我们也看见他们被黑客消灭了大片)。从家用电器到服装,公司很想要出售一些能使你的生活“智能化”的产品,但有时反而不会适得其反。让我们来总结在过去的一年里经常出现的一些最可笑和最多余的互联网相连设备。1. Smart mattress智能床垫Some smart beds will promise you better sleep and posture, but this one in particular will turn you into a private investigator looking to catch a cheating spouse in the act. Regardless of knowing if its comfortable, the Smarttress alerts you whenever someone is using your bed in a questionable way.一些智能的床会让你有更佳的睡眠中质量和睡眠中姿势,但也不会让你变为一个检查未婚否脱轨的私家侦探。

除了检测这个床垫否舒适度,它不会在有其他人闲置你的床的时候警告你。The mattress comes with sensors inside the bed that can detect pressure and send messages to the app, which spares no details. The app not only detects movement on the bed, but also records the intensity and speed at which people are getting it on.床垫内的传感器可以检测压力和发送到邮件给你的应用程序,它会杀掉任何一个细节。它不仅检测床上运动,还可记录强度和速度。2. Smart water bottle智能水瓶How do you know if you need to drink more water? Well, theres a list of factors: dry lips, dizziness, headaches, low urine output and increased thirst. Yet, this smart bottle wants you to listen more to your phone than to your body.你如何告诉你必须睡觉了?这有一系列的诱因:嘴唇发干、头晕、头痛、尿量较低和口渴。

然而,这种智能瓶能在你的身体意识到缺水前就警告你。The Hidrate Spark 2 tracks your water intake by syncing with a mobile app and recording how many ounces of water you drink a day, which can also be tracked by remembering how many times you refilled your bottle labeled with the number of ounces on the side.Hidrate Spark 2不会通过移动App追踪你的水摄入量和记录你一天喝了多少盎司的水,还可以根据在有盎司数标识的水瓶里溪边了几次水来追踪你的饮水量。3. Smart laundry peg智能衣服挂勾The clothespin dates back to the 1800s, but in 2016 it became smart. Meet Peggy, the laundry peg thats supposed to help you lighten the load by telling you when the washer cycle is over and if the weather is nice enough to hang your clothes outside. The device connects to your phones and sends you alerts when the weather changes or when you need to remove your clothes.这款智能产品的用于可以追溯到1800年,但在2016年它才显得“智能”。Meet Peggy,这种洗衣挂勾需要“协助你减轻负担”,它不会在洗衣机浸好衣服的时候警告你,并告诉他你天气否适合柴火衣服。

该装置相连到您的手机,它不会在天气变化或是必须移往晾衣服的地方时发消息警告你。However, you know when your cycles are over when the washer and dryer stop making noise. And you know when the weather is ugly by simply looking outside, or checking your weather app. Therefore, the product is basically just another way hackers can get into your home.然而一般情况下,你只需留意洗衣机否暂停收到噪声就能来辨别洗衣服否完结。

另外你也只要浮现一看外面的天气或者看一下天气预报app,就能告诉否不会大雨了。因此,这个产品基本上只是一种黑客转入你家的方式。4. Smart trashcan智能垃圾桶Usually things that go in the trash are of no value and dont need any kind of inspection, but QUBE wants to change that with the worlds first smart trash can. The QUBE claims to help you monitor your trash and help you recycle by using innovative technology.一般来说在垃圾桶里东西是没价值的,不必须任何检查,但Qube试图用“世界上第一个智能垃圾桶”来转变这一现状。Qube声称可以协助你监控你的垃圾,协助你利用创意技术重复使用垃圾。

The QUBE will remind you to recycle, monitor when the trash was last taken out, and tell you to change the air freshener. These are all things people usually remember to do anyway, by the smell and all, but now theres a $300 elegant stainless steel can thatll constantly remind you with annoying mobile alerts.Qube不会警告你留意垃圾重复使用,在垃圾最后被推倒出来的时候展开监控,并告诉他你替换空气清新剂。但这些人们一般来说可以通过嗅觉和其他感觉器官来辨别。

现在有一个300美元的“高雅”不锈钢,不会大大用讨人厌的移动警报警告你。5. Smart belt智能皮带Youd probably never think that a belt could be integrated with artificial intelligence, yet Belty managed to do it and make it seem stylish. The Beltyautomatically makes you think, why do I need this? Then your second thought will probably be, what if its hacked and they make it so tight I cant breathe? The first question is rational; the second one is far-fetched — but if it makes you think twice about buying this product, thats not a bad thing.你有可能未曾想要过一根皮带可以与人工智能结合,但Belty做了,并使它看上去很时尚。

这个belty不会让你不心态就实在,“为什么我必须这个?”然后你想要可能会是,“如果是黑客侵略,他们把它系由得很紧我无法排便该怎么办?”第一个问题是合理的;第二个问题有些可笑,但如果它让你三思而后卖这个产品,这并不是一件坏事。The Belty is great that it uses technology to track fitness, water intake, and posture, but for $395, you might be better off getting the same in a stylish smart watch or activity tracker.这个belty运用现代科技跟踪健康状况,水的摄入量,和动作,但你要花上395美元,有可能更加有一点卖一个时尚的智能手表或运动手环。6. Smart refrigerator智能冰箱If you want a refrigerator with a screen, might as well just stick an iPad on it. Samsung unveiled a smart refrigerator this summer that connects to wi-fi to help manage groceries and leave notes behind for family members.如果你想一个有屏幕的冰箱,不妨把iPad硬在冰箱上。


三星在今夏公布了可以相连Wi-Fi的智能冰箱,来协助管理杂货和给家庭成员facebook。The Family Hub has three internal cameras that connect to your phone to help you see what you do and dont have inside the fridge. So its basically a $6,000 alternative to classic grocery list written on paper with a pencil.这个家庭中心内部有三个摄像头,它需要相连到你的手机,你可以通过手机看冰箱里有什么。所以它基本上是一个6000美元替代用纸笔已完成购物表格的替代品。Sure, it plays music, has a calendar, and even entertains the kids, but it could probably also get hacked — just like everything else.当然,它还播出音乐,也有日历,甚至给孩子获取娱乐游戏,但它也有可能像别的东西一样不会被黑客攻击。

7. Smart cookie oven智能烤箱Everyone loves cookies, but buying a smart cookie oven to make them seems like a bit much. The CHIP cookie oven promises to have freshly baked cookies in just 10 minutes, but regardless of the time, it just seems easier to make a much larger batch using the regular old oven.每个人都讨厌饼干,但是卖一个智能烤箱或许可以多油炸一点。这个烤箱允诺在短短10分钟内就油炸好饼干,但不考虑到时间的因素,用于老式的烤箱或许更容易做到更加多饼干。

The CHIP, which retails for $150, can only bake four full-sized cookies at a time. If you were go the traditional way and bake a large batch in the oven, youd have anywhere between eight and 12 cookies in under 30 minutes — and its also cheaper.芯片的零售价为150美元,但一次不能油炸四寸的饼干。如果你用传统的烤箱,在烤箱油炸一大批饼干,你也能在30分钟内烤完8到12块饼干,也更为低廉。8. Smart bottle opener智能开瓶器File this under great, yet stupid gift ideas. The BOx bottle opener claims to be the worlds first smart bottle opener but its not groundbreaking. This bottle opener sends a message to your friends via Messenger every time you open a bottle — crazy, right?这项发明者是最出色的,但也是可笑的。

”这个开瓶器堪称是“世界上第一个智能开瓶器”,但它不是突破性的。这个开瓶器能在你进酒瓶的时候通过短信发消息通报你的好友,这很可怕,对吗?Despite it being not that different from the typical bottle opener, the BOx does have a nice design made with stainless steel and solid wood.尽管与普通的开瓶器并无二致,但它享有精美的设计,是由不锈钢和实木做成的。9. Smart wine bottle智能酒瓶Just like you dont need a smart bottle opener, you dont need a smart wine bottle. The Kuvee is a bottle of wine with a screen on it that helps you learn about your favorite wines. Theres really nothing more to it, aside that it keeps track of the wines youve tasted and can keep bottles fresh for up to 30 days.就像你不必须一个智能开瓶器一样,你某种程度不必须一个智能酒瓶。kuvee是一个有屏幕的酒瓶,它可以协助您理解您最青睐的葡萄酒。

除了它还能为你的葡萄酒保鲜30天,其余也没有别的什么功能。The website claims that the more you sip, the smarter you (and the bottle) get, but in reality the more you sip, the drunker you get and the less information youll retain.该网站声称,“就越喝,你(和酒瓶)就就越聪慧,但实质上你喝得越多,你就就越饮,脑海中保有的信息也较少。



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